10 Helpful Websites for all Students in School

I added some websites that helped in my matriculation throughout grad school. All of these websites are free and are also easy to use. I hope they are helpful in helping you understand and pass your classes to hopefully get your degree. Comment below some websites that are helpful. Sharing is caring.

10 Helpful Websites for all Students in School

  1. Mathway

Mathway lets you input any math problem and they will answer and also show you how it was solved. www.mathway.com

  1. Son of Citation Machine

Son of Citation Machine cites your references for you in MLA or APA format saving you tons of time to work on other things. www.citationmachine.net

  1. Google

I know its self-explanatory but Google has everything… really. Use google to create and present presentations, write papers and many other things. www.google.com

  1. Quizlet

It may just be an American thing but you can type in questions for test and sometimes the test will pop. Use Quizlet to study for upcoming exams on your phone. You can create your own or use someone else’s. www.quizlet.com

  1. Lynda

Lynda is a platform that has free learning material. Most universities have license to use it so put your tuition dollars to use. You can learn how to make good you tube videos to learning how to start your own business for free… technically. www.lynda.com

  1. Dropbox

Save all your assignments here. Dropbox is a virtual USB. It lets you saving everything in a cloud and share or update as needed. This is great for when you’re doing group projects and every needs to input the assigned parts. It makes working in a group much easier. www.dropbox.com

  1. Amazon

I really shouldn’t have to explain this one either but I will. Rent your books here, buy your groceries from here when your too busy “studying”, and look at movies and listen to movies here as well. Get the Amazon Student Prime Membership. www.amazon.com

  1. Grammarly

Use grammarly to check for mistakes in your assignments before submitting for a grade. Grammarly is free as long as you have a school email address ending in “.edu”. www.grammarly.com

  1. Mint

While in school, don’t be the typical college student that’s broke. Manage your money well by downloading the Mint app. The Mint app lets you see exactly where your spending majority of your money and also lets you sync your bills to the app to stay up to date on all your bills. www.mint.com

  1. Podcasts

I use to listen to music while studying. I recently fell in love with listening to podcasts to pass the time. They are truly entertaining and a breath of fresh air. It like a radio show but uncensored. Podcasts can be found on if you have an apple product. You’re bound to find one that you’ll love www.itunes.apple.com/us/app/podcasts


It truly is an experience to attend college. The experience is unmatched. From learning new things, learning about yourself, networking, and making lifelong friendships. College is an accomplishment. Have FUN! And Be Safe.

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