10 Things That You Should Absolutely Know Before Stepping On Campus: Undergrad Edition

August is here and school is officially back in session. Many of you may know someone or maybe you’re going off to college for the very first time. I’m here to help you out with a few tips that I learned along the way. Here are 10 tips to get your first year off to a great start:

Handle Financial Aid on time (early).

  1. Don’t be that person in the financial aid line waiting to only have to sign your master promissory note. Stay on top of financial aid and keep proof for your records.

Don’t buy books at the bookstore.

  1. Don’t waste your time and/or money buying books from the bookstore. Wait until your professor says its needed then buy or rent from amazon.com or chegg.com. It’s also bulletin boards around campus to see if upperclassmen are selling the book you need.

**TIP** Purchase the edition 1 year older to save money, most of the time they change the cover of a book and resale.


Don’t know anybody?… Go to the café.

  1. Even though there were people from my high school that went to the same school as me, I still didn’t “know” anyone. So go to the café, get your food and sit with someone inviting. Or you can do it the millennial way… by looking up your school’s acronym and the year you graduate from that school to find people going to the same school as you and link up. Be open to meeting new people.

Stay organized.

  1. Get a weekly agenda/planner and your syllabus from each class for the semester. Write down all assignment due dates as well as huge test and projects. Staying on top of what’s due will keep you on track of your grades and also lets you know when it time to study and also when to party.

Find your classes before the first day of class.

  1. Don’t be the freshman running around looking for your class, trust me some of the upperclassmen will laugh. **TIP** Once you get you dorm room settled walk with your roommates/suitemates around campus with your schedule so you’ll know where to go.

Call Home.

  1. While you maybe exited for your new found freedom your parents/guardian and loved ones are a nervous wreck. Give them some reassurance that you’re okay and tell them thank you and you love them. They will love it.

Attend the “Back to School” Festivities.

  1. Make sure you attend the different events around campus to get to know the different organizations on campus and to meet new people.

Set ground Rules

  1. Set rules between your roommate and suitemates… if you have them. Roommate drama is not a stress you need or want while in college. Setting rules beforehand will make your first year more pleasant.

Talk to your professors.

  1. Get to know your professors. They’re there to help and majority of them wants to help… so ask! It could be a difference of working a summer job back home or building connections at an internship one of your professors told you about. They are good for recommendations as well.

Have FUN!!

  1. The saying is true, “College years swiftly pass”, have as much fun as possible, go places you’ve never been, meet people and learn as much as possible. Enjoy the experience.

It truly is an experience to attend college. The experience is unmatched. From learning new things, learning about yourself, networking, and making lifelong friendships. College is an accomplishment. Have FUN! And Be Safe.

I hope I got you excited to start school, to stay up to date with me by subscribing to my newsletter and also following me on “all social media networks” (@KompletelyKai) and let’s chat. Until next time, BE BLESSED, BE BEAUTIFUL, ABOVE ALL THINGS BE YOU!!!!