10 Things to know about moving to Miami in 2016

I recently moved to Miami to attend graduate school at the University of Miami Miller Medical School, I moved about 723 miles away from home. Before moving here, I came to Miami a couple of times while in under grad. When people think of Miami, they think of SoBe (South Beach), Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, LIV and all the “poppin” places. Miami is lit!

While researching Miami, I couldn’t find any helpful information for people who would like to move here for job purposes or maybe college. So I decided to write: 10 Things you should know about moving to Miami. Let get to it:

1. Miami is not just South Beach.

Know the different areas of Miami. There are “mini cities” in Miami; Kendall, Brickell, Doral, Coral Gables, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Hialeah, Liberty City, Overtown it’s a couple more. They all have different cultures, it’s awesome to see the differences in them all. You can cross streets and be in different cities of Miami (its only so big).

Miami 1

2. Treat your umbrella like your wallet…

Always have it. Someone told me that Miami has two seasons: Wet or Dry. I didn’t understand until I moved here. I have 2 umbrellas; they are a part of me. One for the light rains and one for when it wants to flood when I’m wearing sandals.

3. Leave EXTREMELY early to avoid traffic.

It takes me about 45 minute to get 15 miles from my house. Maybe I’m being a little spoiled but in South Carolina 15 miles usually take me 15-20 minutes. So please plan accordingly to get to your destination on time or maybe 15 minutes before. But if your late the locals know and understand, sometimes…

4. Know your Hispanics, there is a difference.

Lol, when I came down here I called everyone Mexican. That is until I was corrected by my friends and they taught me the difference between the Hispanics, now I never get them mixed up.

5. If you don’t know Spanish, think twice about South Miami.

I know you probably thinking; We’re in America they should be learning or know English. Tip: Just be patient, and say, “No hablo español pero quiero aprender”, Which means, I don’t speak Spanish but I want to learn. Trust me they’ll understand, and get someone to help you. No Biggie! I think everyone should learn a second language, I am. I actually took 1.5 years of Spanish, my old professor would be proud I use it. Shout out to Dr. Thornburg!

6. Be open to trying new food from various cultures and countries.

In Miami, you have the luxury of eating different cultural foods while still being in the states. While here, I’ve tried Venezuelan, Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, and Ecuadorian food… I love it. So come with the mindset to try new food. You won’t regret it.

7. Throw away your jeans.

If you are thinking of packing jeans… think again. I’m from the South I’m use to heat, but Miami has muggy, unbearable, your drenched in sweat as soon as you walk to your mailbox heat. So do yourself a favor and leave the jeans at home or sell them.

8. Shop your heart out.

It’s so many shops, boutiques, malls and outlets. You’re bound to find exactly what you need and more for a reasonable price. Now they do have the expensive places as well, so if that’s what you like shop there. Just know, there are tons of deals and sales here, so bring your coins.

9. Forget about Waffle House and Zaxby’s.

Zaxby’s is 73 miles away in Okeechobee; Waffle House is 27 miles away in Davie, FL and Cookout is about 438.9 miles away from Miami, in Savannah, GA. I’m so use to having those staples near me it’s weird having to travel so far for them. I’m used to seeing a Waffle House on every highway exit or every couple blocks or so. There are other places that you can find food but if you’re use to “Wings and Things” and an “All-Star” meal… forget about it.

10. Have Money!

Miami, FL is extremely expensive. To live here it takes a lot of money and patience. If you’re coming here for college or grad school and can’t stay on campus be consider getting a roommate or shell out tons of money for your own place. Save… Save… SAVE!!!

These are the things I wish I knew before coming to Miami. I hope that this list will be helpful to you. If you would like to know more about my stay here in Miami or you’re moving here and need some more tips and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to use my contact form or email me and I’ll be more than happy to help you.  Subscribe to my newsletter and also follow me on all social media outlets at (KompletelyKai) and let’s chat. Until next time, BE BLESSED, BE BEAUTIFUL, ABOVE ALL THINGS BE YOU!!!!

June 22, 2016