Beyoncé stopped Miami!

One name we all love to hear, see, read about, and claim to be her sister, daughter or “some kin” (I’m so country). She’s AWESOME. She’s your favorite artist, favorite artist. Apple spells her name correctly with no problem, she’s goals for your entire life.



Yes, this blog post is dedicated to Beyoncé, she deserves it!! I recently attended her Formation World Tour. I was one of the tens of thousands that helped sell out The Marlins Stadium. She started her 1st show of her tour in Miami. I’ve never attended any of her concerts so this concert was definitely apart of my bucket list. Disclaimer: I’m not apart of the BeyHive, but she will definitely receive all my monies when she is in or near the city I’m currently in. Let me give you the tea on how I met my long lost sister on April 27th.


On the day of the concert, it felt different like mother nature knew Beyoncé was here to snatch edges. I was done with my 1st year of grad school so I definitely had time to prepare for this concert. I was hoping that the Natural Hair Gods would have mercy and let my hair slay… THE NAUTRAL HAIR GODS DID NOT COME THROUGH!! Lol! So I went with ol’faithful… curly high bun (the go to hairstyle when your natural hair is acting like a child that’s at the terrible two’s stage)

Hair Crisis averted.

The worst time to go anywhere in Miami is from 6:00-9:00am and 3:00-7:00pm. It leaves no time for error. Good thing the traffic was going the opposite direction than I was going. My friend lives really close to the Marlins Stadium, so I parked in her complex and avoided paying like $20-50 for parking (score).


When we arrived to the stadium I had a nostalgic moment: Seeing so many people, the grilled food smell in the air, reminded me of my HBCU Homecoming, it was LIT!

My sister knew exactly what she was doing when she added DJ Khaled to the tour. He brought out: Trick Daddy, Future, Rick Ross, Kent Jones, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne. LITTT

Once the show started, Bey didn’t show any mercy. I had good seats which made me have an awesome first Beyoncé experience. TIP: Spend the money for the floor seats… you wont regret it.

There were times when I was like okay the show is definitely over… WRONG! Beyoncé owes me nothing. Beyoncé sung so many songs that my throat felt raw from singing them all. Lets not get on the dance moves. One hashtag #Beyoncéalwaysonbeat !!!

Voice gone + workout complete = Life Given

I see why Beyoncé has the BeyHive, when performing she gives her all and doesn’t deserve anything less than what the BeyHive do and more.  At the closing of the concert, she talked about her daughter (my niece) and her beautiful husband (she said that not me).

Once we got back to my friends house we got our life and I got my stuff and decided to leave. I always check my GPS to see if they’re any wrecks or to check the fastest route home. I only live a couple of miles away and my GPS stated, “I had a 6-hour drive until I got home!” Miami traffic isn’t that bad. Its true, Beyoncé stopped Miami.

Beyonce Stopped Miami

If you haven’t seen Beyoncé in concert, make it your mission to see her. She has a couple of tour dates left so you still have time. I’m thinking about going to the Atlanta date in September since she added more dates. Thanks sis.


***Disclaimer: Theses pictures are property of I deleted my awesome pictures from my camera by mistake, so I’m using hers.***

If you’ve already been to her concert or recently purchased tickets, tell me what you’re most excited about, or what you loved most about my sister. As always, subscribe to my newsletter and also follow me on all social media outlets at (KompletelyKai) and let’s chat. Until next time, BE BLESSED, BE BEAUTIFUL, ABOVE ALL THINGS BE YOU!!!!