Spotlight: Pebbles Grayson

I created Spotlight, to shine the light on; awesome people doing wonderful things. Spotlight was started to give much-needed recognition to the person that’s doing and overcoming every obstacle that tries to tear them down. Spotlight is for everyone: that grad student, entrepreneur, author, etc.., My first Spotlight is going to Pebbles Grayson, AAMU grad student and owner of Naturally Dope Apparel. Read below to learn all about why she deserves to be in the Spotlight.


  • I know who you are, but my subscribers don’t, can you tell me who you are, and where you are from?
  • I am Pebbles Grayson, a native of Spartanburg, SC. I am an alumna of the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks!! I currently reside in Huntsville, AL where I attend Alabama A&M University as graduate student in the Communication Sciences & Disorders program. I am the owner of Naturally Dope Apparel.
  • What makes you excited about going home other than family and friends?
  • What makes me most excited about going home other than my family and friends are the restaurants that Huntsville, AL may not have to offer. Every time I come home I have to stop at Deno’s, which is a restaurant that serves a plethora of food and stays open to almost 2am. My favorite is the snow crab legs. Also, my nail technique makes me extremely excited to come. She does my nails and eyebrows like no one else. Sometimes I wait get my nails & toes done if I know I’m coming home soon.
  • Describe yourself in 100 words or less.
  • I am a proud black business owner and woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Being from Spartanburg, SC I would have never thought I’d accomplished so much in my life in such a short period of time. I am a strong believer that my experiences do not define me but they have shaped me into the woman who I am today. I have had my fair share of failures but I believe that the depth of your struggle is an indication of the size of your destiny. So with that being said, I strive not only to achieve my goals but exceed them and if I don’t the first time, I dust myself off & try again.
  • How long have you been natural?
  • I have been naturally for almost 3 years. I was 100% natural 10/27/13
  • Transition or Big Chop?
  • I transitioned and big chop. I transitioned for about 10 months from December 2012 to October 2013. One day woke up and I was tired of my hair being two different textures so I asked my sister to cut it all off.



  • How did family/friends react to your decision to go natural?
  • At first my sister didn’t want to cut my hair off but eventually she came around. My boyfriend loved my mini fro & constantly reminded that I was beautiful because inside I felt like a little boy.
  • What do you do for a living?
  • I was working at Outback Steakhouse but recently had to quit due to the demands of graduate school, so my business Naturally Dope Apparel is my source of income
  • Grad school, and a business, how is that?
  • Managing a business and going to graduate school is definitely challenging. There was a short period that my business suffered because I gave all my attention to school but it has definitely become a lot easier. I take advantage of any opportunity that I have to stop and update my website, post on my Facebook or Instagram page or simply come up with new t-shirt designs.
  • How do you manage the two and have perfect twist outs? (lol)
  • Now going to school, running a business and have perfect twist outs is something I am still working on. When I first started graduate school I wore wigs to keep from having to do my hair every morning. So if I didn’t want to do my hair one week I would ask my friend to braid it done (I’m still learning how to braid Lol) and I would wear my wig. However, with this Alabama heat I had resort to wearing my natural hair. I try to wash my hair every week but the demands of school it might be 2 weeks before I able to wash it. First, I check my calendar to make sure I don’t have any tests that week & then I determine which day is less stressful and that will be the day I dedicate to washing my hair. I have to plan it this way because it takes nearly 4 hours to wash & style my hair.
  • What can you say to motivate the younger generation about:
  • Going natural?
  • Don’t look a someone else’s hair & have a preconceived notion that that’s how your hair will look because more times than none it won’t. Your hair was specifically designed for you and only you! Also, be patient and remember it’s not about achieving length but achieving healthy hair
  • Being an entrepreneur?
  • My business started by a simple idea of wanting to have more natural hair t-shirts and not being able to find any that I liked. I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning and most people don’t but that’s ok. You learn a great lesson from your mistakes. If friends/family don’t support you like you would like that’s ok. Sometimes it’s inevitable. As long as you believe in yourself, there are no limits to things you can achieve
  • Going to college/grad school?
  • Going to grad school: Manage your time wisely.  Depending on your program, you may miss out on special moments in your friend’s life because of school but if they’re your friends, they will understand. Also, establish a great rapport with your professors as this will definitely help you while in graduate schoolFullSizeRender
  • What made you start your company?
  • I started my business because I wanted to wear natural hair t-shirts but couldn’t find any that I like, so I decided why keep looking when I can just design my own shirts.
  • Tell me about your company?
  • Naturally Dope Apparel is t-shirt line that was launched in July 2015. Its mission is to embrace what it truly means to be natural through apparel. To feel liberated by freeing oneself of images and ideals that aren’t achieved naturally and to embrace one’s tresses with confidence
  • Biggest challenge for your company are starting your company?
  • One of my challenges would be not having the financial capability to support my business and do the things that I would like to do. Also, not having the support that I would like to have from my friends but my biggest is probably myself. I didn’t put as much energy as I should have into my business in the beginning and it set me back but now I more dedicated now than ever
  • What are you listening to right now?
  • As far as what I have on repeat right now would definitely have to be Beyoncé’s Lemonade. It is my go to when I’m studying or simply winding down. I love listening to it because it takes you through a stage of sadness & loneliness which I first experienced when I started my business to celebration and triumph which I have been feeling a lot of lately
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
  • I get inspiration from other Naturalistas. They inspire me to be proud of all my naturalness. There are some days that may be hard to do but many show me that there is also beauty in the struggle. That is exactly why I have this clothing line, I want to inspire and encourage others to embrace their God-given beauty.


  • Where can we follow you?
  • You can follow me on Facebook & Instagram: @naturallydopeapparel
  • – website is
  • – my personal page on Facebook & Instagram is Pebbles Grayson

It was a pleasure getting to know all about Pebbles and her company; Naturally Dope Apparel. She deserves the Spotlight and so much more. So I shine the light on Pebbles Grayson; Grad student, Entrepreneur, and Naturalista!

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June 22, 2016